Ozarts Etc – The Best Beatmakers of 2013

Ozarts Etc – The Best Beatmakers of 2013

Through time, beatmaking grows and the producers propose now complete albums of instrumentals. This evolution is paired with an enrichment of the worlds and the atmospheres as a work on the grains each day more elaborated. But, despite the increasing number of compositions, arrangements and instrumentations, the basics remain as the beatmakers do not give up their archaeologic enterprise and keep on digging the musical archives to unearth all kinds of samples, loops or layers. A work we try to celebrate presenting chronically on the website beat tapes and other albums of productions. Among these, we chose 5 volumes which, we believe, marked the year 2013.


5. The Beatfonics Crew – Yusef Lateef Session (Beat Tape)




4. Madwreck – Elementality Instrumentals (LP)

Madwreck – Elementality Instrumentals (LP Stream)





3. HashFinger – Lessons (LP Stream)




2. [Free Download] Radio Juicy Vol. 56 (T.W.M.A.R.H. by Steezo & Link)

[Free Download] Radio Juicy Vol. 56 (T.W.M.A.R.H. by Steezo & Link)





1. Ortega – The Great Pornholio (EP)


Lastly, unranked, we’ll also mention ”The City Under The City”, produced by L’Orange. A LP that fully deserves to be featured on top of this selection. However, the original album came out from a collaboration between the American beatmaker and the MC Stik Figa. And, even if an instrumental version of the opus is available, it is not strictly speaking a Beat Tape. Lastly, we’ll finish naming the Special Interludes volume from the Pure Dopeness series edited by Sinoptic International. For the originality, for the concept, for the result.


L’Orange & Stik Figa – The City Under The City (LP Instrumental)




Sinoptic International – Pure Dopeness (Special Interludes)

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