Sofrito Island Series: Sound of Cape Verde (EP Stream)

Sofrito Island Series: Sound of Cape Verde (EP Stream)

At the end of November, the collective Sofrito will begin his new Island Series with the release of the EP Sound of Cape Verde. The disc, exclusively available in vinyl, will celebrate Cape Verde’s dance-floor bringing together three characteristic tracks. The Face A will so play an Alma Negra remix of Dionosio Maio’s “Corpim Sabe” released at the beginning of the 80′s. On Face B, the Hide & Smile duo covers “Santo Antòni La Belèm” while the tune “Minino Na Tchora” by Os Kings completes the album. These three tracks form a short sample of Funana, Coladeira and Batuque. An energetic and tasty panel you will be able to get on the shop of the label.


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