el Decertor - Wanka New Mural @ Huancayo, Perù

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Daphne Groeneveld by Ellen Von Unwerth for Numéro (August 2013)

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Paul Aldair - Three-Hole Mountain Inn (2008)

Paul Aldair – …

Nicola Alessandrini @ MAAM, Roma, Italy (2014)

Nicola Alessandrini …


Skin by Yusuke Sakai

Skin by Yusuke Sakai

The Japanese photographer Yusuke Sakai (Osaka, 1984) decided to picture in close shots the dermis of different animals through the planet. Brought together under the title “Skin”, the images lead to some rather surprising plastic and aesthetic experiences. Between feathers, leathers and hair, each skin makes a balanced composition, getting rhythm from the sets of colors, the patterns [...]

Minute by Minute Cycles

Minute by Minute Cycles

The Dutch firm Minute Cycles enters the 2-wheel world with a small commuter logically named Minute. The engineers, specially Elian Veltman, bet on reduced dimensions in order to increase the maneuverability of the bike. Small wheels (20′), light steel-made frame narrower than usually, for a perfect balance between weight (13kg) and strenght. The bicycle is also equipped with [...]

Apollo Brown x Roc Marciano - Lonely & Cold (Music Video)

Apollo Brown x Roc Marciano – Lonely & Cold (Music Video)

Mello Music Group has just uploaded the new video for Apollo Brown. Soberly directed in B&W by Jay Brown, the film illustrates the tune “Lonely & Cold”. A powerful track, excerpted from the enormous “Thirty EIght”, featuring Roc Marciano. In short, if you still haven’t considered Apollo Brown’s latest LP, this [...]

Defer x Kamea Hadar - Paradise Lost @ 1AM SF (Preview)

Defer x Kamea Hadar – Paradise Lost @ 1AM SF (Preview)

On August 7th will open at San Francisco’s 1AM Gallery the common exhibition by Kamea Hader, one of the leading directors of POW! WOW! Hawaii, and Alex Kizu aka Defer, member of California’s legendary crews K2s, STN and KGB. Titled “Paradise Lost”, the event will bring together pieces inspired by John Milton’s eponymous text. The British poet rhymed about Adam and [...]

Edo.G - After All These Years (2LP Limited Pressing)

Edo.G – After All These Years (2LP Limited Pressing)

On September 9th will be released the 11th studio album by Bosont’s legendary emcee EDO.G. Titled “After All These Years”, the LP appears like a balance after 23 years spent in the US hiphop game. On program, 12 tracks in a more than classic boom bap vein. As show the lots and prestigious collabs. King Magnetic, Guilty Simpson or [...]

Tobacco Tale by Sayed Asif Mahmud

Tobacco Tale by Sayed Asif Mahmud

Zoom on Sayed Asif Mahmud‘s “Tobacco Tale” series. Since 2008, this young photographer documents Bangladesh’s tobacco industry, particularly the units that produce the bidis, unfiltered hand-rolled cigarettes sold in boxes. If the goal is to highlight the extreme conditions of work in these factories, for “Tobacco Tale”, Sayed Asif Mahmud favored some singular point of view and aesthetics.

Softer Than Steel Collection by Nendo for Desalto

Softer Than Steel Collection by Nendo for Desalto

The Italian firm Desalto has just presented a new range of indoor furniture named “Softer Than Steel”. Its designer, the illustrious Japanese studio Nendo, drew some inspiration from paper and fabrics to create a steel-made collection which though evocates the malleability of the aforementionned materials. With that in mind, a bench has been folded so [...]

YG - Bicken Back Being Bool (Music Video)

YG – Bicken Back Being Bool (Music Video)

YG unveiled recently his latest video. The film is directed by Alex Nazari who we already was responsible for Tyga’s hot “Make It Nasty”, and so illustrates “Bicken Back Being Bool”, one of the high tracks of “My Krazy Life”. We can follow Compton’s everyday life through a mise-en-scene that [...]

Hub Créatic by Tetrarc

Hub Créatic by Tetrarc

Nantes (France) opens its new digital center, a building named Hub Créatic. Located in La Chanterie’s campus, the dwelling has been designed by Tetrarc which already made the Ecole des Arts de Saint Herblain and its famous stairs. It will from now on host 70 starting companies, all connected [...]